Hello, I’m Michael Puckett, freelance designer and owner of Creative Stream Graphics in Little Rock Arkansas.

If you’re a small business owner, and have been working under the assumption that you can’t afford to advertise or promote your business without spending massive amounts of money, you’ve landed in the right place.


Creative Stream Graphics was created to help hard working business owners like you achieve your goal of growing your brand and attracting new customers. I have put together a collection flexible design bundles that can be customized just for your specific business. These bundles will help you determine exactly what services you need and I’ll let you know how much it’s going to cost before we get started.


I offer a full range of design services, logos, brand identity packages, consumer ads, business to business ads, brochures, annual reports, direct mail websites and much more.

I believe successful branding should to be visually engaging and simple to understand. So once you establish a strong brand that says “Hey...Look At Me!” it becomes much easier to attract the right customer base to your business!


Let me help you get your business on the road to being noticed!

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